Monday, 12 March 2012

Where's my printer gone?

Today I lost my printer. Somewhat careless you might think. Actually, it was ceremoniously removed from my office, as part of a move to a more sustainable printing system we're implementing. Before it went I had to set up a new printer queue, which was as easy as clicking on a link. Even I managed it with little supervision.  Now I can print to any printer, and release my job by swiping my uCard. This means that I can be sure confidential things aren't printed to an open printer. It also means that I don't actually have to release things that I've printed by mistake, so it should reduce waste. Actually, I hardly print anything anyway, preferring everything to be available on my iPad, so I don't think it will inconvenience me at all, and will in fact be better, given that I've now got access to much better printers. So, although this particularly unflattering photo might make it look as though I was hanging onto it, I'm not really at all sorry to see it go. I'm not sure Ian's ever had that response before when removing a printer! Probably a good candidate for a caption competition.

We're aiming to reduce the number of printers in the department from 33 to 17 - it would be fewer, but we're on 7 different sites. Once we're happy with the proof of concept we're carrying out here in CiCS, we'll start piloting it and rolling it out across the University. It will have major benefits both in reduction of waste, and providing an improved service for staff.

Last week I mentioned that we'd got exceptionally good results in the student barometer survey, and today we have our own press release. Not sure about the stock photo though :-)


WildNorthlands said...

You can watch the printer disappearing here:-

Clinton Mcalexander said...

As long as your printer queue stays private, I’m sure everything you print will be confidential and won’t fall into the wrong hands. A printer queue is great because it prints what you want WHEN you want, so you can be sure that it’s there when you need it, and that you will be there to take the pages and keep them away immediately. I quite like storing things on my iPad as well, but I find that having a printed copy of some of the more important documents as a great way to back them up, so I would actually be quite sorry to see my printer go if that were me! Haha!

Kenneth G Macdonald said...

Clinton's comment is the best spam comment I have seen