Monday, 26 March 2012

Learning Technology Blog

Back today, in unseasonably good weather - far too hot to be at work!  Especially too hot to sit for five hours in a rather dark room, looking out to students sitting on the grass in glorious sunshine.  Luckily the five hours were well worth it, discussing the design and accommodation schedule for a proposed new engineering building. Ourselves and colleagues from the Library are involved in the design of the student-led learning space within it. More news as it progresses.

Some of you my already know about this great blog from our Learning Technologies Team - if you don't and you're interested in the use of technology in teaching, it's well worth a read.  Launched at the end of February it's already had thousands of page views, visits from over 40 Universities, and some interesting comments. Great to see the team getting their good work out to a wider audience, and using a blog to do it. There's also a twitter hashtag #cicsltt which you use to find related tweets. Excellent stuff. 

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