Tuesday, 13 March 2012

SSB and Pavement blasting

Main meeting yesterday was Service Strategy Board where we had an initial discussion about how it had been going, and whether we needed to make any changes. General consensus that we are all much better informed than we were before - we see a monthly report from all active projects, as well as a highlight report from each service manger which covers everything happening in their area, not just projects. We do need to take a look at how we better prioritise between different workstreams, and how we ensure that when we do prioritise, things actually get done. There's also an issue we think of people bringing things to SSB when they could do more preparatory work and bring suggestions, not problems. But in general, very positive. In the main business of the meeting we considered all of the project and service managers reports. We also approved a new project - a programme management system to store all information relating to UG and PGT academic programmes, to give a single definitive version of all this information which can be easily accessed by all staff in the format that they require for both external and internal purposes. A major development, and one that will have to go through  LEAN  before we start to make sure we get the process right.
And now for something completely different....On Sunday, on the way back from the pub quiz,we noticed something that I thought had been etched or painted on the pavement:

Not a brilliant picture, but it was dark and I only had my phone. It says:
Further down the road we caught up the the guys doing it, from Green Street Media, by putting a stencil on the floor, and blasting it with a small amount of high pressure water.  You can just about make out the stencil here:

Great idea, very environmentally friendly, and very effective.

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