Friday, 30 March 2012

Connecting to the cloud

Am on my way to Norwich as I write this as I'm on an IT strategy review group for UEA. It's not a journey I particularly enjoy, mainly because there's no connectivity, and no power. I spend most train journeys now working on my iPad, dealing with emails, reading papers, writing reports and although a lot can be done off line, as more stuff is moved into the cloud, our infrastructure and connectivity is going to have to get better. It's a discussion I had with the Director of New Services and Products at Google the other night. He was incredulous that there were parts of the UK with no good phone signal, never mind data.

Had a meeting yesterday to review the way our Service Strategy Board is working. It's been going for 18 months so now's a good opportunity. Lots of good ideas for improvement, especially around looking at how we prioritise in the department, a particular problem for non project work.

Then I had a meeting with the Chief Executive of the White Rose Consortium looking at how the three constituent Universities, (Sheffield, York, Leeds) can collaborate and maybe even share services! Some exciting stuff coming up around doctoral training centres, and also our YHMAN Virtual Share Data Centre.

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