Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Shame it's just too late for the Oscars...

Had another of our coffee and cake meetings yesterday where we meet a random group of staff for – coffee and cake! Of course we talk about things as well – no topics are off limits – and yesterday we talked about LEAN and how the setting up of a small unit to take it forward is going to work, how we foster and support innovation, and some practical stuff like our imminent move to a new building.

I also spent some time yesterday looking a draft of our revised Research Support Strategy. More on that later when it’s been to our Research and Innovation Strategic Advisory Group for comment.

Today I’ve been working with another University, helping them review their IT Strategy - always interesting looking at what other places do, and always informative as you can learn as well as input to the discussion.

Finally, some congratulations to our Teaching Technologies Team who under cover of darkness the other night produced and edited a great film of the light show on our Arts Tower which was officially opened last night after a £36m refurbishment.

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