Friday, 17 February 2012

Releasing CRABs

This week we had a Service Strategy Board, where looked at a release management policy. "Releases" can come form several different sources - projects, internal pieces of work which aren't projects, and supplier driven releases, such as upgrades or new feature implementations.  Currently we don't have a formal release policy which is consistent across all three different types, although we do have a good "go live" checklist as part of our project management process. So, we've now agreed to have a formal release policy for all three types, which we are combining with change management - our Change Advisory Board (CAB) in effect becoming a Change and Release Advisory Board (CRAB).  To keep it manageable it will be as lightweight as possible, and only apply to significant releases.  One of the issues we looked at was how this links with process change, as many projects involve changes to organisational processes, which may or may not be coincidental with the release. Often these processes are not owned by CiCS, so this is an area for further discussion.

Talking of processes, we're moving ahead with our implementation of LEAN,  and have the go ahead to set up a small unit which will be based in CiCS. A Steering Group will help us prioritise and monitor progress, and we're gong to move on this as soon as possible.  Exciting stuff!

I've also had a meeting this week with the CEO of Yorkshire Universities about the possibly of talking to their Executive Management Group about Shared Services next month, which I have agreed to do. The plan will be to get them talking about the possibility of sharing services, and what opportunities there are.  Just looked at the membership of the group and spotted University of Lincoln in there. Didn't know Yorkshire had taken over Lincolnshire.....

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Mapman said...

As a former employee of what became University of Lincoln, I can confirm one of its constituent parts was indeed from Yorkshire, and it still has a campus in East Yorkshire.

Where the city of Kingston-upon-Hull actually thinks it is/was is another debate - but interesting that University of Hull doesn't appear to be a member of Yorkshire Universities.