Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Big Flip!

Today I took part in another of those bizarre things that happen when you work at a University - a world record attempt!  Staff, students and members of the local community came together to see if we could break the world record for flipping a pancake. After donning our t shirts and getting our wristbands we were given a frying pan and pancake and marshalled carefully to one of many pens on the Endcliffe Paddock. Loads of people there - the VC, Registrar, sabbatical officers, lots of students of course, local people, and the press including both local TV stations. We all had a bit of a practice flipping, and when the siren went off had to flip continuously for 30 seconds - Guinness are very strict and if you didn't keep flipping or dropped the pancake you were disqualified.   Marshalls were assigned to every group, and watched you carefully! At the end of 30 seconds - which seems like a very long time when you're flipping - the marshalls gave the scores to the scrutineer, and it was announced that we'd broken the record which previously stood at 405 by more than doubling it.

Great event, and well done to all of the organisers - there was a real party atmosphere at the Student Village with free food, other pancake competitions and even an F1 simulator car to have a go in. Of course, it wasn't just about fun - the students on our three villages choose a charity to support each year, and all proceeds from the event went to them which this year are  ACCT, PACES and Project Buzz.  In addition, the frying pans were all donated to the St Vincent Furniture store which distributes household goods and furniture to vulnerable people in Sheffield.

I'm sure it will be in the local press and on the TV tonight, and if it is, watch out for when they ask everyone to toss their pancake as high as possible, and  some dimwit right at the front drops theirs. It just might be me!

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