Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Service Quality Team

Service Quality Team this morning - this is the body that oversees our Service Level Agreement. Interesting meeting - two of our SLAs looked at in depth today - Room Bookings and Car Parking. Always good topics to stir up a bit of emotion! Lots of praise for how we carry out duties in these areas, but a lot of comments on policy which I will need to follow up.

We also looked at how we convey news about our services and SLA compliance to staff - currently we have a number of web pages which we need to look at bringing together including our service status page and our compliance page for example. We also talked about the way we consult staff about our services and carry out mini surveys - the results of the latest two can be seen here.

This afternoon we met colleagues from Leeds University - it's always good to talk to colleagues about issues, particularly to share what we do and how we might work together. We talked about collaborating particularly on issues relating to our SAP implementations. Watch out for some half day sessions where our SAP staff get together with Leeds and Newcastle.

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