Thursday, 22 May 2008

Dead pigeons, and a lucky one

Went for a walk round a deserted building this morning - part of the Jessop Hospital which has been derelict and empty for several years. We're looking at possible uses for it, including turning it into teaching space. Some nice rooms with plenty of light, lots of corridors and poky rooms (typical of an old hospital), and numerous dead pigeons. Even a live one which had been stuck in a room for a while so a colleague caught it and threw it out of a window. It felt good to be wearing a hard hat again - not done it since the IC opened. It will be an exciting project if we get the go ahead.

Exec meeting this afternoon, where we discussed many strategic issues including whether staff should wear uniforms. Other discussions centred around how we manage our involvement with teaching space, and how projects should be handled at the delicate go-live stage, where it's important that everyone is kept informed.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, Chelsea Flower Show was brilliant yesterday.

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Andrew said...

It'll be nice to see something done with the Jessops building.

A relative of mine was Head Caretaker of the building a long time ago.

Did you know my gran used to work in 285? We think that I even worked in the same office that she used to!