Thursday, 8 May 2008

Incident management

We discussed the new incident handling procedures at this morning's Executive Meeting. These go live next Monday, and will change the way we handle all types of incident affecting our services - whether planned maintenance or unscheduled interruptions. Different levels of incident have been identified, and they will be dealt with appropriately. One big change will be the way we communicate with users, doing away for example with our famous "cics-faults" mailing list which has been used to notify the University of faults and problems. This will now be restricted to internal departmental communication only and external communication will be handled by our Customer Services and Communications team using their communications toolkit.

This afternoon we discussed or response to bigger incidents as we began the process of reviewing our Business Continuity Plan, especially the comms aspects of it, and the way we make up to date information available in the event of a loss of the network for example. This includes how we make sure that all of our information is available to use other than from networked devices - we already have hard copy and memory sticks but we need to revisit the process for keeping these up to date.

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