Sunday, 18 May 2008

Home at last

A last meal at my favourite restaurant in Barcelona, a trip to the Sagrada Familia to see if they're any closer to finishing it (they're not thank goodness - I shall be disappointed when it stops being a building site) and a short flight later and I'm home. An excellent conference - a good agenda with interesting sessions and good presenters - something that I find very important. It can be a riveting subject, but if the presenter's no good, then I soon turn off. A lot of things to think about when I get back to work! The theme of the conference was emerging trends, and ones we need to keep an eye on are cloud computing, context aware networks, social trends, virtual worlds, 3d printing and intelligent objects.

Oh - and I learnt how to Twitter!


Andrew said...

Welcome to the world of Twitter!

It looks like you're getting the hang of it.

Pedalpushers : The Sheffield Cycle Campaign said...

I think you'll find it's called Sagrada familia - no r on the end. Yours, the pedalling pedant.

Chris Sexton said...

Absolutely correct pedant - I've corrected it!