Friday, 23 November 2007

Miscellaneous Thursday

Spent some of today showing a colleague from another Russell Group University around the Information Commons - I still love showing people around the IC - it really is a fantastic facility and we should be proud of it. We then spent a very profitable hour discussing how our respective institutions organise IT services - it's always good to get another perspective, and share experiences - both good and bad. This was particularly useful as we start to think how we might organise ourselves to support a new University structure.

I also got my laptop back today, after its disasterous hard disc crash last week. Great - except there wasn't anything on it when I picked it up. But - looks like all I've lost is the most recent set of photos - still bad, but nothing like as bad as it could have been.

I was interested to see that Amazon have sold out of its book reader - despite some sceptisism about whether anyone would want it. Will the book eventually be replaced? I'm not sure, but I remember not being sure about the fax machine either. Maybe I should do a post about life before the internet, and when cut and paste meant scissors and sellotape. Or maybe that would be showing my age too much...

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