Monday, 5 November 2007

Executive Team move into Ivory Towers

Every Monday we have an Executive Team meeting – myself, Deputy Director John Hawley, and Assistant Directors John McAuley. Dave Speake and Kath Winter. Many things are discussed, decided and argued about (not necessarily in that order), and I’ll try and produce an update after each meeting - if you want more information or to discuss something further, don’t hesitate to comment!

Today we talked about some “Transformational Maps” we’ve been working on. Basically to try and show an “as is” and a “to be” situation - where we are now, and where we want to get to as a department. When these are in a fit state to share, we will, and then hopefully they will be discussed in teams and sections. We are also going to hold some consultation events with all staff to get everyone’s opinions of what the department’s vision should be, and where individual staff can contribute to achieving it.

Staff accommodation is also high on the agenda at the moment, and we want to try and improve the working environment for everyone – the Computer Centre has just had a major refurbishment, and our attention is turning now to the Glossop Road properties. We will be making a series of moves over the next few months, and doing what refurbishment we can afford. User and Data Support will be moving into 344 Glossop Road, allowing Technical Services to be better consolidated in 285-289, with all of the Executive Team on the top 2 floors of 285 – some people have referred to this as the Ivory Towers – others think Fawlty Towers might be more appropriate.

Changes to the way we charge for telephone services - moving towards a line rental and lower charges for calls - were also discussed - proposals will be put to the appropriate bodies soon.

And of course – the most important discussion of all – arrangements for the Christmas party!

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