Thursday, 15 November 2007

First I was afraid...

...I was petrified.

Then I discovered Google! Everything about setting up this blog has been so easy. The only thing I've had help with is the wonderful little phases of the moon application (thanks Paul). A couple of weeks after I set it up I decided I wanted to know who was looking at it - or if anyone actually was. So after a little bit of searching, I installed Google analytics - and discovered what interesting information I can now get.

Since then, (about 2 weeks ago), this blog has had 545 visits from 350 unique visitors. Who are they all I wonder? Most come from Sheffield, but 98 are from London and 54 from the USA. There's even 2 from Iran. 56% use Firefox as a browser and only 38% Internet Explorer. PCs are still in the majority, but 25% use a mac. 69 visitors came via Google search, with the most common search words being Abraham Lincoln!

I could bore you for hours with more information provided by Google, and all for free! As I said in a previous post, it's an interesting business model.


Anonymous said...

Abraham Lincoln? University computing? Have I missed something?

Chris Sexton said...

The post on 24 October is about a session at EDUCAUSE about Leadership, and is illustrated by examples from Abraham Lincoln. There must be a lot of surprised people searching for info about him and ending up here!