Monday, 12 November 2007

Leave MySpace alone?

Interesting article in the Guardian about students and social networking:,,2205512,00.html

based on the JISC Learner Experience Project. Most students use a social networking site - Facebook or MySpace - but do they want us to use them? Apparently some very mixed answers, "Students appear to want their cake and eat it," says the project manager, Lawrie Phipps. "They appear to want to keep their online persona private but when you ask them whether they'd like instant communication with tutors or feedback on essays (via Skype or Facebook) the answer is always yes."

In doing some investigation on the JISC website about this project, I came across Lawrie Phipp's blog, again very interesting reading, especially the article about Facebook Friday. Apparently Serena Software have launched this and encourage all employees to spend an hour each Friday updating their Facebook profile and making connections! Just as many other employers are banning it altogether.

Universities are beginning to take the issues seriously - another relevant article about Leeds University and Facebook.

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