Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Exceptional Beer

As well as the work I do in CiCS, I spend a lot of time on other University matters - it's very important to play a wide role and be aware of what's happening in the University. One area I spend a lot of time in is Human Resources - I'm a member of the Pay and Reward Review Group and the Equality and Diversity Board, and I serve on promotion and appeal panels, as well as grievance and disciplinary panels. This afternoon I chaired one of the Exceptional Contribution Award (ECA) panels - after 3 hours preparation of reading and scoring the cases, in 3 hours this afternoon we got through about half of them, so will meet again later in the week to look at the rest. It's hard work, and takes a lot of time, but it's very important that each individual case is considered thoroughly and fairly.

From there I went to a much more enjoyable event - a beer launch! I was lucky enough to be chosen as part of Brewteam 07 - a joint venture between Thornbridge Brewery and the University to produce two new beers to coincide with the opening of The Edge - the new social facility at the Student Village. Two teams of staff and students worked with the brewers from Thornbridge over a period of months to produce the two beers - Belay Bob and Belay Betty. My team produced Belay Bob - by far the more superior of the two - a dark, new world brown ale with lovely coffee overtones, and quite bitter. The two will go on sale soon in outlets around Sheffield - let me know if you see them, and what you think. With a bit of luck I'll be going out to Thornbridge in December to help with the brewing process - I'll see if I can bring some back for the Christmas party.

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