Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Today I went to a Samsung event in London, Futurescape. We'd been invited because we talking to them about providing some technology support for our next UCISA conference and we wanted to see
the sort of things they could offer. It was a good showcase of their display technology, and they had a number of partners with applications showing how it can be used.

Based on the theme of the mobile workforce, they had mocked up how the technology could be used in an airport, a warehouse, a station, an office.... They'd also got some interesting virtual reality demos.

The presentations focused on the pace of change of technology and the rise of mobile technology at home and at work. Everyone wants and needs a mobile device - and just one. No-one  wants a work one and a personal one, so we're in a world where personal data and mobile payments have to live in harmony with corporate systems and email. apparently 80% of people interviewed in a recent survey said that they couldn't do their job without mobile technology, but only 33% said that the technology they were provided with at work met their need. 29% said that they use their own mobile technology to fill gaps in work technology. Would be interesting to know what the figures would be if Universities were surveyed.

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