Friday, 27 March 2015

Sheffield Professional awards

Last night I was privileged to be at the Sheffield Professional Awards. Held in the Octagon Centre, which had been suitable glammed up for the occasion - thanks to James and the team:

and hosted by Gill Valentine and Simon Fanshawe

It was a celebration of all the staff in the University who aren't teachers or researchers, but who are absolutely critical to supporting the University in delivering its mission. I was very proud that we had 36 staff in CiCS nominated for awards, none were shortlisted, but the field was huge, and every nomination was well deserved. The occasion was very celebratory, with excellent food

And I was a table host on a table with 3 winners. Including Emily, Finance Assistant from Engineering, baby due in a few weeks, and who is exactly the same age as my son, her Mum and me being best friends 30 years ago and pregnant at the same time. What a lovely coincidence to be sitting next to her!

Well done to all the nominees, winners and organisers of such a great event.

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