Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Efficiency conference round up.

Heres's a few random snippets from the rest of the efficiency conference today.

University of London has 300 organisations subscribing to their shared services, including 2.5 m students from 150 registered on their shared hosted Moodle platform.
Have achieved big carbon reductions through replacing kit, culture change and recycling. To raise awareness of sustainability they have beehives on top of one of their buildings and sell the honey in university shop.

Deficit in funding of research is increasing. For every £1 that comes in, we spend nearly half as much again, so we need to be more efficient in terms of equipment sharing and cost sharing groups.

HEFCE ask for Value for Money reports, but only get them from 60% of sector.

Over last 3 years sector has delivered over £1bn of savings, mainly in procurement, IT and Estates.

The HE is estate worth about 60bn. Need to drive value out of it. 2 main ways:
Reduce total cost of ownership.
Invest, and maximise return on investment

80% of students say that quality of estate affects their decision to choose a particular university and 30% have turned down a place because of the quality of the faculties. As a sector we've improved space utilisation in many areas, apart from space for academics!

Leicester university has a project called Flattening the Hierarchy, where managers and students work together to share information, learn together and improve the student experience.

Keele University has an avatar called Sam to answer student queries. You can ask him a question here.

Next years 18 yr olds were born in the first year of Blair government, 1997. They were 5 when 9/11 happened
Witnessed rapid change in technology, and have a different view of products and services to us.
For them, going to university is a social transaction, not a financial one. They don't want a consumer environment, but a personalised one.
Consumer implies consumer rights and consumer choice. Which they are not driving.
Grown up in a world moulded around them, and they want a highly personalised service.

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