Monday, 9 March 2015


Digifest is an interesting concept - designed to be more like a festival than a conference, there are some nice touches. There were a group of students using iPads to paint images of what was going on. This one's a picture of my favourite little robot - Nao.

Nao is so cute, and quite easy to programme. Well, it looked easy when someone else was doing it.

Plenary sessions are held in the main auditorium, but breakout sessions are held in "pods" which are part of the main exhibition and social area

As well as Nao, there are some neat gadgets here - an augmented reality dummy for training medical and nursing staff. Full of electronics, so that you can even inject it with drugs and it will react accordingly, with augmented reality video on an iPad

A 3D printing pen which you can use to draw 3D models

And my favourite  - a 3D display of outstanding quality which you control with a virtual pointer. this is John looking a 3D fully animated heart which you can turn, rotate, expose bits. I could have played with it all day!

 And finally, that little robot can dance....

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