Monday, 22 September 2014

You put your left leg in....

A quick post about today - another day for the CiCS team welcoming new students. It's much quieter than it used to be for us as we create student accounts before they arrive, fewer students have problems connecting and our networks are much more resilient. All good stuff. Interesting to note that on the wireless network, we have twice as many devices connected as students, So, most people have two devices, some will have more, some only one. Going up year on year.

Festival of the Mind is still going on, and this afternoon I spent some more time in the Spiegel Tent watching The Great Sheffield Mash Up with Ida Barr.  Not quite sure how to describe this music hall/hiphop/rap crossover, apart to say it was great fun. Lots of community singing, a gospel choir, hankie waving. Not forgetting 150 people doing a Conga/Lambeth Walk through John Lewis, which I suspect wasn't in the original risk assessment....

And a community Hokey Cokey. Fab.

What the team are doing is great, and a huge collaborative effort between many departments. And although it's great fun, it's really bringing the University into the City and engaging with local people. As it should do. Another week to go, and still some great events lined up. Full programme here.

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