Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The Diamond

Today I was really lucky to have a site visit to one of our new buildings - The Diamond. Designed to provide space for engineering, lecture theatres, teaching space, and exciting Information Commons type space, it's really taking shape now.  The cladding's going on:

and it looks good from the inside as well - the whole building will be semi-transparent:

The lower ground floor where the lecture theatres will be is huge, and you can see the doors into the lecture theatres, and see up onto the ground floor with its bridges and jutting out platforms. Above that are the holes cut into the first floor moonscape where you see up into the huge atrium.

 Up on the first floor, the first pod is taking shape in the atrium:

This is what this pod will look like when finished:

A great visit - despite the fact that builders don't put stairs in at first. They seem to prefer ladders and scary steps. I was quite proud of myself for skipping up and down these.

Finally, my favourite picture from the day.

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