Thursday, 25 September 2014

Registration and DNA Torpedoes

So our new students have arrived, and so much goes on behind the scenes to make sure they are registered correctly, have everything they need to start their studies, have access to the right services etc. We have a team of people in our sports halls working alongside colleagues from across the University supporting online registration. Module loading, identity checking, fee paying and Ucard distribution. The sports halls are transformed by our voice and data and IT support teams. And everything will be taken down and things made back to normal this weekend. Everything seems to be going very smoothly at the moment, great team work again.

Have managed to get another couple of nights in the Spiegel Tent this week for our X lectures- reseach that we thought might be better presented to a more adult audience! Monday was Tim Birkhead talking about sex in the animal kingdom. Absolutely fascinating. Learned a lot! Last night was my old friend Allan Pacey on the secret life of sperm. Again brilliantly presented, very interesting and very funny. And just a little bit rude....
It was preceded my a short film made by Human Studios especially for Festival of the Mind. Lovely graphics, and worth a watch.

DNA Torpedoes from Humanstudio on Vimeo.

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