Friday, 26 September 2014

Quick round up before EDUCAUSE

Quick round up before going off to EDUCAUSE at the weekend.  On Monday myself and the Assistant Directors went on a visit to another University to look at how they organise themselves to deliver services. We talked a lot about service management, service portfolios and IT support structures. Always good to learn from others.

I've also been to Oxford for a conference organising meeting, and we're getting very close to having a full programme. In fact, by biggest worry now is that we'll have too many speakers.

Another meeting was looking at the resources we'll need to run the new Diamond building, which is coming on apace. Great to see the cladding going on it now.

Finally a meeting about our review of our student system, where we spent some time discussing the relative merits of buying a package, or writing our own. Writing our own comes in many flavours, ranging from starting again from scratch, redeveloping the one we've got, working with a consortium such as Kuali, or implementing a hybrid solution where we use modules from suppliers and integrate with in-house modules.

Now I'm off to EDUCAUSE for the annual conference - will try and blog about as many sessions as possible!

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