Wednesday, 27 June 2012

More lightning sessions...

Founder, Tech for Trade
Interesting project to use to 3D printing in the developing world. More here, including a video.

CEO, SpotOne Global Solutions
Helping Africa get access to technology. Work with investors, technology providers, donors, software developers and resellers. Bring technology into villages, including mobile phones. Apps for Africa competition.

Founder, AMEE
Avoiding Mass Extinctions Engine.
Set up to measure the footprint of things.
Looking at systems collapse. Species. Corals. Marine dead zones. Global freshwater quality.
Don't have adequate data to make good decisions.
Lack of reliable and consistent time series data.
Started with aggregating all worlds environmental standards into one platform. Then make it easy to interrogate and report on.
Then built an environmental intelligence system within collects data from many sources, sensors etc. Can calculate environmental footprint of anything.

Co-founders, Technology Will Save Us
Make DIY technology kits. Show people what their capable of by lowering the barrier of entry to technology. Kits contain components and instruction to inspire appreciation and production of technology. Range from musical instruments to speakers. Also tools like soldering kits. Not just kits, but educational experience. Workshops, and hands on courses. Even how to wire a plug. Soldering for kids. Also teardown everyday appliances to show how they're made. Had a toaster tear down day.

Great set of speakers and presentations.

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