Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Lightning case studies

Next are 4 five minute lightning case studies. Interested to see how this

format works, as I'd like go introduce it at some of the events I help to organise. There's a gong to stop them after 5 mins!

International ambassador, EP Foundation
Nfp organisation in Poland for open data. Wanted to open up Polish government web site. Worst web site, all closed. 2 of them built tools to open it up. Now open. Even simple things like letting people find their MP and track their activities. Also track legislative process. First time Polish people have been able to see and understand process. Also built a freezer app, can see what laws are being held up. Now using it to engage with the community.

Co-founder, Open Knowledge Foundation
Build technologies and communities to develop, disseminate and use open knowledge. Lots of projects, working groups etc.
open spending, aim is to track every government financial transaction across the world and present it in useful and engagement forms for everyone to understand from children to data geeks. Very difficult. Huge amounts of time to get data, FoI requests etc. Also not all in same format. Loads of questions being answered. Overseas aid, levels of debt.
Fascinating talk. Look at the website.

Founder and CEO, PUBLICi
Open, independent community news platform. Allows independent writers to create their own newspaper. Reporting has changed. Twitter, Facebook, social media has changed journalism. Indepenedent press important, PubilcI provides a platform, and also brings together popular stories, things that people are elooking at. No paywalls. no censorship.

Programme director, Witness
Empowering users to use video for human rights, cameras everywhere initiative. 72 hours of videos uploaded to YouTube every minute, including activitists. Citizen media can play key role in human rights. But, issues in using this for legal processes and evidence. Videos as evidence require validation etc.
How do we harden citizen video so it becomes acceptable. Smartcam project. Informacam, Inserts metadata, uses GPS, confirms which camera its come from, where, encrypted data etc. New human rights channel on You Tube.

Very good session, and you can get a lot across in 5 minutes, certainly as a showcase of something you've done.

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Andrew said...

I've been to quite a few lightning talks. If they're good they leave the audience wanting more, and if they're bad... well, it only took 5 minutes!