Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Media in exile

Next talk very political, more media than technology, but I'll write about it anyway because it's important.

It was on Media in Exile from the station manager of SW Radio Africa. Short wave and internet radio station in Zimbabwe.
Quick summary of the situation in Zimbabwe at the moment. Unity government, Mugabe still holds power. Opponents still being arrested, intimidated. Farms attacked. Murder and beatings. No food. Violence continues. Horrible pictures of victims a I couldnt look at some of them. Key architects of violence are army.

SW radio started because Mugabe challenged Capitol radio which she ran. Had to leave country. Now run from UK. Feels like groundhog day, living same day over and over again. They report on stories that other places don't. Even the UK

International community turns a blind eye to to blatant human rights and legal abuses in the region. They publish data, such as names of Central Intelligence Organisation and the abuses they'd committed. Facebook extremely useful, and people reported abuses through that. Also exposed financial deals, illegal gold, plunder. Again, Facebook is extremely useful. Use it to set up interviews. Anyone who's anyone is on Facebook. Dot tweet or blog. Political parties keep their eye on it.
12million population, 9 million mobile phones, 1million on Facebook.

Diamond fields have been discovered in Zimbabwe. Chinese are in there, making deals with Mugabwe.

Will be interesting next election. Changing point. All they can do is ensure that they highlight and name human rights abuses in the hope that they can make a difference and end the misery.

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