Friday, 25 June 2010

World cup match and the network

I mentioned in Wednesday's blog post that rather a lot of us watched the England world cup match using various streaming services (mainly the BBC I suspect). A couple of interesting things - although the BBC did a tremendous job and their servers held up well, there were some error messages, people not being able to get a feed and poor performance in the first 10 minutes or so, so I'm assuming that's when their technical guys were throwing more resources at it.

And as for our own network, well, it maxed out at 1G for the first time ever:

Some quick thinking by the network team reduced this to a more manageable level and allowed other traffic to get through, but a milestone has now been passed - by a football match!


Tony Brett said...

I wonder if there were similar peaks during Monday's budget? I certainly watched the live stream of that.

Chris Sexton said...

Yes we saw a similar smaller peak, but this was at the same time as two less important world cup matches MEX v URU and FRA v RSA.
So non-England football plus England budget is less than England football.