Friday, 25 June 2010

The end of an IC era

I've blogged often about our Information Commons and what a wonderful resource it is, but today sees the end of an era. Before the building was completed we appointed an Information Commons manager, Alex. It wasn't an easy job, especially as some of us had been working on the concept and design for 5 years. It was our baby - the love child of CiCS and the Library - and we had to hand it over to Alex's careful management. We knew where every piece of furniture should be, why things had been designed the way they had, and we probably weren't easy to please. Alex also had to cope with the very rushed opening of the building with only 4 days between handover and letting the students in, and the inevitable teething problems with any new building. Some were easier to deal with than others. I won't mention what leaked out under the ground floor tiles..... Alex dealt with everything with very good grace and a sense of humour!

Today is her last day in the IC as she moves back into CiCS to take up a new role. There was cake, in the shape of the IC of course, and some well deserved awards to her staff. I was particularly impressed with the information that the plasma screens were displaying!

So, a big thanks to Alex from all of us in CiCS and the Library, and here's to the next three years of the IC, under new management.

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meganwalker said...

Very proud of this lady, not only because she is my big sister, but because I know how hard she has worked and what she has achieved.

Thanks for writing such a great article about her. Love the screens that had her baby photo posted up there!

As "we" Americans would say, "You Go Girlfriend!" ;-)