Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Mobile apps and iPads

Meeting this morning to look at our mobile strategy - especially in relation to our mobile app, CampusM. We want to capitalise on it as much as we can, and that involves getting a lot more data into it, and being strategic about what additional functionality we want. We also need to closely tie it in with the development and implementation of our new portal, and look at how it might integrate with the mobile functionality of our new VLE. Next week we're meeting with a number of representatives from departments including the Student Union, the Library and our student information centre to discuss with them how we might increase the amount of information available to our students.

The iPhone/iPodTouch version has been really popular, and we're about to release the Blackberry version. Then the web version will be available for all other phones, so we should reach all students with a smart phone. At the moment we're not sure how many have them, or what kind, so we will be carrying out a survey soon.

Then a bit of excitement in the department as our iPads arrived. We've ordered a few to test things out - how they synch with our services for example, and what we can deliver to them. I'm particularly interested in how we might use them in meetings. If we can get our documents onto them, and annotate them, they might be more popular than laptops. Not as heavy or bulky, and without the perceived barrier that a laptop creates. Think we'll have to wait a couple of weeks for iOS4 for the annotation/notes facility, but I'm hopeful that we shoud be able to use them to reduce the amount of printing we do.


Phil Range said...

Do you have any difficulty gettign people to recognise the sepearation between presenting information in a variety of ways such as CampusM and collecting and processing it in the relevant business systems? I seem to very often be explaining that the portal is not a replacement for the student records system or ....

Arthur said...

Is there an Android app version of Mobile M?

George Credland said...

"Not as heavy or bulky..."

Interestingly I compared the iPad weight to an HR netbook and they weighed much the same. Its then a trade-off between the netbook with smaller screen and physical keyboard (and cheaper price) v.s. the larger screen and ease of use of the iPad.

Recommend "GoodReader" iPad application (59p) which can connect to various cloud based services, and also local servers via WebDav or FTP. I'm running this with FTP to our Novell server to remotely access all my local filestore.

Apple have document editing via Pages, Numbers and Keynote (£5.99 each). You can launch email attachments into them and edit, plus its supposed to have import/export to a PC/Mac via iTunes USB connection.

Chris Sexton said...

There isn't an Android version but there is a web version which will work on all smart phones

Small Business IT said...

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