Wednesday, 23 June 2010

SSB, SAGs and change

First meeting of our Service Strategy Board today - part of our new governance structure. All of our service managers were there, and we had a good discussion about how we're going to operate, terms of reference etc. New Service Advisory Boards will be set up over the summer in each of our service areas consisting of our customers and stakeholders to advise us on strategy and service improvements. We also approved our change management procedures which will go live in 10 days time - will be quite a significant change for many of us, but hopefully will mean we can deliver a better and more reliable service in line with University objectives.

Oh, and we gave our network a good testing today as quite a number of staff watched the England football match on various streaming sites. Think it reached maximum capacity and had to be tweaked somewhat.
Would love to know figures if anyone has them. Think the BBC had to throw a lot of capacity at their servers as well. Still, we won!

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Anonymous said...

Our "Users" connection saw a peak of 970Mbps - if you add on the HPC connections we hit 1.3Gbps. Mike thinks that's the most we've ever hit.

Time for 10Gbps!