Tuesday, 16 September 2008

more projects...

The other two projects we approved at our last Programme Board were an investigation into possible scanning solutions, which will underpin a number of our other projects including Document management, Student eFiles, and SAP. The other is a continuation of our work on resiliance and trying to improve the reliability of our core systems. It will involve the network aggregation centres being collapsed back to two switches in the main computer centres. Existing aggregation centres will become passive centres for fibre patching. As a second stage, each building may be connected to multiple passive aggregation centres via separate routes, in order to extend resilience to the individual building level.

Had a good meeting of our Innovative Communications project today, at which we agreed a way forward - under wraps at the moment beause of commercial sensitivity, so will post more about this later.

Have just travelled over to Manchester for a Gartner meeting tomorrow - it's one of the few train journeys where I don't do much work, but look out of the window at the wonderful scenery that the train takes you through. Of course, when I arrived it was raining....

Never mind, my hotel room has an iMac in it!

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