Friday, 12 September 2008

Customer Service

At our recent departmental meeting, we had another play with our voting handsets, this time looking at customer service, and trying to answer a few simple (!) questions.

If people experience bad customer service, how many people will they tell - 5, 8, or 10? Answer, 10
If people experience good customer service, how many people will they tell - 5, 8, or 10? Answer, 5
If 20 people experience bad customer service from you, how many of them will tell you - 1, 4, 15, 18? Answer, 1

Most people got the first couple right, but not the last one, where the majority went for 18 or 4.
We also asked people whether they though Customer Service was part of their job, and 86% did. We were a bit worried that 50% of our Executive team thought that Customer Service wasn't part of their job, until we looked closer at the results and realised that 8 people were voting as members of the exec - and there are only 4 of us! Thanks jokers, whoever you are (I have my suspicions...)

We're introducing a number of measures to improve customer service - not that we are in any way suggesting that it's particularly bad, but it's always good to get better. We also have to remember that we are customers as well, I want a happy, well motivated staff with good morale who enjoy their jobs. Some recent ideas include a virtual suggestions box, long service awards and departmental above and beyond awards - which were immediately christened ABBAs by the table to my right!

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