Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Meetings, meetings

Phew - 2 full days of meetings, virtually back to back. Lots of stuff to think about. Yesterday was the formal presentation of our student satisfaction survey, which I've already mentioned. Nothing particularly new came up, and I will write a proper post about it when I've got all of the data, including the students' verbatim comments, which is usually where we learn the most.

An executive meeting discussed our recent IiP assessment, a staff information manual we're putting together about all aspects of departmental life, and an agenda for next week's departmental meeting.

Today a Business Continuity steering group talked again about how we manage incidents which happen out of hours, and in particular how we keep and access contact details of all relevant staff. Never easy.

This morning I co-presented a session to senior colleagues on our University Collaboration Programme where we were emphasising the importance of benefits realisation management.

At lunchtime I managed to spend about 20 minutes at the University Suppliers exhibition where we had 4 stands - IT, Transport Services, Printing Services and AV Services. it's a great way of meeting and interacting with our customers, and we always make sure we have plenty of freebies to give away to attract them to our stands. I must remember to clear my diary next year to spend longer there.

This afternoon was much more pleasant - showing a couple of colleagues from other institutions round the IC, and then discussing some aspects of our operation of different areas with them.

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