Friday, 26 September 2008

Friday Loltiger

Good meeting yesterday with the IT Director of another similar University - always nice to share issues and find out that we all worry about the same things. One thing that makes Universities different from many other sectors is our willingness to share information - we happily exchange policies, guidelines, etc so that we can all learn from each other, not invent the wheel and share best practice.

Information security is one area where we exchanged a lot of information. You only have to pick up a newspaper these days to read about another memory stick going missing, or a laptop being left in a taxi. In an organisation as large and complex as a University how can we ensure that we don't end up with our data in the hands of a tabloid newspaper - what policies and procedures do we need to have in place, and how can we educate our users on information security matters.

Finally, as it's Friday, something to make you smile. I love tigers, and this picture just made me laugh.

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