Monday, 30 June 2008


Early start this morning with a Senior Management Group meeting and Heads of Departments. Always a good networking event with all of the academic heads and professional service heads mixed up on round tables with plenty of coffee and pastries. A good opportunity to chat to people, get some business done and catch up on things.

First item on the agenda is the VC bringing us up to date with the process of transition to the new faculty structure. Most of the PVCs and their Directors of Faculty Operations are now in place, and all departments which were in more than one faculty before, are now only in one. Each faculty is also appointing a Director of Learning and Teaching and a Director of Research. The Senate Budget Committee is currently being put together and this will have an oversight of the whole budget process, bringing together all areas of the University for the first time. So for example, our budget will get looked at alongside that of academic departments. Hopefully this will lead to a more holistic planning process.

Other items discussed include a review of professorial salaries, and a look at next year's budget. As this is a public blog, I'd better not go into too much detail on either here. Needless to say, the former was a lively discussion!

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Graham Hill said...

RHIP - Rank definitely has its priviledges (coffee and pastries). All our professorial salaries are now public domain (within our planning unit anyway) and also on a published pay scale. The most senior people are published in the annual report too if you dig deep enough. Goodness it wasn't so long ago that it was a firing offence to disclose someone's salary. I vote for transparency.