Monday, 9 June 2008

Happy Monday

Good day today, for a Monday. Took a huge box of chocolates into work (and I mean, huge!) from a colleague on sick leave - wonder how long they'll last. A nice lunch in the sun with a colleague from another department, a few pleasant meetings in the afternoon, then spent the evening in the garden sipping wine and following Steve Job's keynote to the WWDC announcing the new iPhone and MobileMe. Loads more things for me to play with - can't wait! Lots of new Enterprise applications - for once Apple seem to be targeting business. Lets hope they get their corporate contracts and tariffs sorted out then!

Exec Team meeting this afternoon where we discussed lots of topics - sometimes we have one or two major items to discuss, other weeks we go through lots of smaller items. Today was one of the latter. We talked about team awaydays, and how to link them in to our management development framework, making sure they have clear objectives and outcomes, as well as the fun and team building element.

As we move forward with implementing ITIL, we've arranged some training and awareness sessions for key staff which will happen towards the end of the summer.

Our self service portal for the helpdesk is almost ready to go live - this will allow users to log their own calls, track calls and jobs and access a knowledge base. The second stage will be the analyst portal where second line support staff will be able to deal with and close calls.

We're also thinking about a review of the way all our media is delivered, including podcasting, streaming media, IPTV, and lecture capture. The main aim of the project will be to ensure that fragmentation of service provision is hidden from the end-user.

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