Monday, 23 June 2008

Seeing your services as others see them

It isn’t often you get the opportunity to try one of our services as a customer, but last week I was in the Drama Studio as a user. I’ve been working with The Company on and off for about 12 years, originally backstage doing props, moving scenery etc, but now I tend to just do front of house work. Last week they were in The Drama Studio for a week performing The Rover (an excellent production as always), and although I’ve worked there many times before, this was only the second time since the Drama Studio became part of CiCS. Interesting to see it from a different perspective – and to be working for people who, during a normal working day, work for me! It’s a great space, and the staff work incredibly hard, and very long hours. Someone has to be there every Saturday night when the group using the theatre is getting out after their final performance has finished, and on a Sunday to let the new group in and oversee them putting their set up. (Although I did discover on Saturday night that there is a lot of standing about and watching other people carry heavy stuff..) :-)

It's a great way of seeing your services as other people see them - and for poking your nose into as many things as possible.

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