Monday, 14 April 2008

Document management

Last week's UCI (University Collaboration Improvement) Programme Board had a demonstration of our new Document Management System. Well, I say new, we've had it for years, but have had a lot of problems in the implementation phase and we've only just got it working properly. It will allow us to work on documents collaboratively by maintaining version control etc, and also it has a very sophisticated work flow built into it, so that we can move many of our process from being paper based to electronic. We're piloting it in a couple of areas at the moments including the approval of programme specifications and our own computer registration system. After the pilots are completed, we'll be looking at other areas to roll it out acros the University - I suspect there will be a lot of demand for it, and as it's very resource intensive, we'll have to be careful how we prioritise. It gives us the opportunity to review our business processes as well - I'm very keen that we don't just map our existing processes onto it, but that everything is reviewed and hopefully simplified.

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