Tuesday, 25 March 2008

What a difference a year makes..

Hope everyone had a good Easter break with lots of chocolate. I tried to do some gardening, but was beaten by the weather - far too cold! What a difference to last year - we were trying to get the Information Commons ready to open, and worked over the Easter weekend - it was very hot and we were jealous of everyone sitting in the sunshine. I think the only time I saw the sun was on many trips carrying what seemed like tons of cardboard to a skip. Oh, and we sat outside to eat lunch - looking at the picture, everyone except me seems to be eating fish and chips. I obviously missed out there! I know it was about 3 weeks later, but it's difficult to imagine we'll be sitting in the sunshine in a couple of weeks time. Also hard to believe that the IC will have been open for a full year on 10 April.

Obviously it was one of our highlights of last year, and features in the CiCS Annual Report which has just been published - you can download a copy from our web pages - it's the first time we've produced it in this format and I'm really pleased with it. I hope it shows how much we did achieve last year, in addition to the very large projects such as the IC and the SAP implementation which took up so many resources.

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