Monday, 31 March 2008

IC girls

Met the guy who made this great video today - one of our dental students, who made it to help raise money for a charity at the Dental Society Review evening. I think it's fantastic - very creative and some excellent editing. Funny thing is, when he was trying to make it in the IC, our staff stopped him. That's why some of it was filmed at night - they had to come back later when the staff had gone home. Of course, we don't want hundreds of students trying to make films in there, but it's great to see the IC inspiring such creativity.

Had my regular meeting with the Student Union Education Officer today, and discussed some student related issues. One of the biggest problems we have is that students want to use the Information Commons to work, and don't go to our other computing rooms. So, we can have every PC in use in the IC, students complaining that they can't find a free one and about a hundred free in other locations less than 5 minutes walk away. We've tried publicising our find a PC web page (also available on a mobile phone), but obviously we need to do more.


Anonymous said...

Very entertaining !! Leona Lewis's jobs is still safe though

Richard said...

At least they hadn't been watching 'The Sixth Sense', otherwise we could have had 'IC Dead People'.

Anonymous said...

Maybe CiCS should do one. I'm thinking YMCA, we already have hard hats in the basement. A certain person who will remain unamed could grow one of his infamous moustaches and wear some fetish clothes!!! Can't think who could be the American Indian though