Monday, 10 March 2008

Assessor/Developer speaking

Today we had the first real session of our Management Development Programme which we're rolling out across the department. The aim is to help all of our managers to manage better, and to help all staff know what to expect from managers. Were starting with the Executive Team and the Section Heads/Service Managers but it will ulimately touch everyone on the department.

Last week we all completed an online questionnaire from which a Team Management Profile is produced for each individual. This shows the preferences we have at work when we're in a team - not skills, ie what we're good at, but what we prefer. It was fascinating - finding out if you're a Thruster/Organiser, or a Innovator/Creator for example! A number of different behaviours are scored - Introvert/Extrovert, or Structured/Flexible. One of the most interesting things was looking at our scores, and then lining up in order of our preferences, seeing who had similar preferences to us, and who's were most different. I'll give you all three guesses as to who scored highest in the extrovert category.......

We'll be using this information and other things we did during the day to draw up individual personal development profiles of where we want to improve.

Tomorrow I'm off to Glasgow with some of the executive team for the annual UCISA Management Conference, so expect some conference blogging in the next few days.

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