Sunday, 30 March 2008

Application Groups

One of the areas we're trying to change at the moment is how we prioritise and allocate resources to new projects as well as enhancements to existing systems and applications. We're just establishing a new set of Application Groups, each chaired by a senior member of staff , and all having representation from academic departments, professional services and students where appropriate. Application groups have existed for some time, but they're getting a radical shake up, with new membership and terms of reference, with a remit to look at strategy for development in their areas. The groups will be:

Student Application Group covering all areas relating to the student systems, including prospective and existing students, and alumni.

Finance Application Group covering all areas relating to the Finance system including its deployment in departments.

Staff and Payroll Application Group, covering all developments relating to Open HR/Payroll, including those relating to academic departments, Personnel Cost Planner and other related HR systems such as staff development

The Portal Application Group covering all developments relating to the portal

Management Application Groups covering all developments relating to Reporting and Management Information

We're also about to start discussion to form a new Application Group to oversee systems relating to the University’s Estate and Facilities where there is a need for them to interface with central systems (including catering, uSport, conferencing, and the Library). One of the things I'm concerned about is the proliferation of systems using their own authentication methods, and not based on our central standards and integration principles. Hopefully this will allow better coordination.

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