Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Stumble Upon

A couple of months ago I discovered Stumble Upon - a toolbar you can add to your browser (as long as you're using Firefox or IE). It finds websites based on your interests. Great for randomly clicking if you're bored, eating your lunch, or on hold to VirginMedia Customer Services. You can rate the sites it finds you, and then it finds you more of the ones you like. Here's the last 6 web sites it found me a few minutes ago. Hope it doesn't give too much away about what my interests are....

Signs you're having a bad day

I'm sure no-one in the department will be interested in this one

Strange trees

Not sure Print Service would like it if I asked for some of these

This is scary - perhaps we should compare the seconds we have left?

and finally:

How cool is that. Is it for real?


pj said...
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pj said...

not bad but not a patch on the current Guiness cinema advert at youtube but lets not be cynical

Brennig said...

The Great Egg Race has come a long way since the days that Heinz Wolf used to present it... lol