Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Programme Board

Once a month, our Executive Team meeting is replaced with a Programme Board where the Head of the Programme and Projects Unit joins us. All project managers produce a monthly report on the projects they are managing, and these are considered at the Board, together with any proposals for new projects and project closure documents. It's the place where we look at resource issues - particularly if there are conflicting priorities, and also where we can try and assist a project manager with a particular issue. We've recently adopted a traffic light system, where different sections of the report (General Progress, Timescales, Resources, and Technical) are flagged as Green (OK), Amber (some concern) or Red (Houston, we have a problem). This makes the report much easier to read, and issues easier to spot. I'm pleased to say that at yesterday's Programme Board, there were no major issues of concern, but a few resource issues which need addressing. No new projects have come forward recently, and a number are closing - ideas for new projects on a postcard please!

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