Sunday, 16 December 2007


At the beginning of this session CiCS launched myChat - an authenticated instant messaging system. I use it a lot - I log into it at the start of every day, and don't log off until I leave work. I also use it when I'm away from the University - it's particularly useful when I'm away at a conference - I can have a real-time chat with someone which is less disruptive to people around me than using a mobile phone and doesn't clog my mailstore up with emails. I've also been known to use it on trains to have a conversation with someone, but I always want to start by saying "I'M ON A TRAIN". But, the biggest barrier I have to using it, is that there's only about 30 - 40 CiCS staff who use it on a regular basis, and it's fairly certain that if I want to chat to someone they're not logged in. I don't mind people being "away due to idle" - a rather unfortunate phrase, I'm sure no-one in CiCS is idle..... - but just not logged in. So, I'm using this post to ask why? Please post in the comments and tell me why you use it, or why you don't. It would be really helpful to know. And if you've thought about using, it, but just haven't got round to it yet, give it a try, and tell us your experiences.


Brennig said...

Hi Christine. Here at this establishment a lot of people seem to prefer to use their personal chat tools, so the access point at is helpful due to it's 'clientless software' nature.

Anonymous said...

I have used it but 99 times out 100 it's quicker and simpler to phone someone! Chances are if they are sat at a computer then they are sat by a phone.

Also it can be terribly disruptive!

The thing I use it most for now is to see if someone is 'in' before I try to phone them!

John H said...

I chose to use it predominantly for social non-work chit-chat ('hello, how's it going?') with a colleague who is in another building to me. Sometimes we will then pick up the phone if there is work-related content that we want to discuss.

Occasionally, people will contact me by myChat to say 'can I come and see you?' and I will reply 'yes, of course, come now' (or later, as the case may be).

Anonymous said...

I use it a lot, but like you, the person want to chat to is never on line!

Chris Sexton said...

Hi Brennig. Thanks for the comment - good point! That may be the case here.

Jam said...

Hi Christine.
I use myChat mainly to talk to people who are on my course but I don't have on things like MSN. I also use it to talk to one of my project supervisors and check when he is in the office if I need to see him in person.