Monday, 3 December 2007

Executive Team

Today's Executive Team discussed a number of things, including arrangements for a couple of meetings to discuss our vision for the department, and how we might get there, once we have a common agreement of what it is.

We also discussed something which started off as initially appearing simple, but became more complex the more we looked at it. We have a shared area on the departmental server, which has a tendency to become slightly anarchic in terms of organisation and what's there. It can become a bit of a dumping ground, with files rarely deleted, difficulties in finding things, and the possibility of duplication. Files on it include working documents, collaborative documents, published documents, databases, statistics, incriminating departmental photographs.... So, we talked about a proper structure, a retention and disposal policy, access rights etc. But then, more complications arose - how does this shared area fit with the document management system? What's its relationship with the departmental wiki? Or the departmental group in the portal? Or the departmental web site? A meeting will be convened to discuss...

We've also arranged a briefing session on ITIL for the new year, with a view to deciding which bits of to implement and when.

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