Thursday, 25 October 2007

Uncomfortable reading, and even more uncomfortable typing

General session on the Spellings Report - commissioned by the US Secretary of Education and published last year, reporting on the state of US Higher Education and making some radical recommendations. If you're in HE in the US it made fairly uncomfortable reading with accusations of complacency and lack of accountability and transparency. Of only limited interest if you're not in the US so I've joined many others in the hunt for a plug for my laptop in the conference centre halls and alleyways. Actually, what you really need is a chair and a plug, and if you're really lucky, a chair, a plug, and a table! Those are few and far between, although I did spot Tony earlier sitting on the floor with his laptop on a chair - good compromise. I'm doing what most people are doing - sitting on the floor with my laptop on my knee.

Oh, and the photo is of a few of the British contingent - I thought the blog was getting a bit boring with no pictures - posing under a totem pole.

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