Saturday, 27 October 2007

The end of the conference

So, the final speaker sums up, the exhibition is dismantled and 6000 people make their way home. As usual, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Went to some good sessions, some bad ones, and some very good ones. Spoke to a lot of vendors - I even sold my soul to the devil one night and went out for dinner with SAP. One of things all of the British contingent came away with, was that we have very little to fear in IT terms from the US - in many areas we're way ahead of them.

Networking with colleagues is a huge part of any conference, and I was privileged at this one to be part of a great crowd. Thanks for making it such fun everyone.

Just to round things off, Tony Blair was on our flight home!

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pj said...

Blair - thought he still got everything on the British public - would have expected the RAF to fly him back on us.