Friday, 19 October 2007

Monks and data storage.....

Spent the afternoon interviewing in the Humanities Research Institute for a research officer in hriOnline. I'm really impressed by the range of the projects they're involved in. One of my favourites is Cistercians in Yorkshire - a project which has made some wonderful 3-D models of Cistercian Abbeys including Fountains, Kirkstall and Roche. Definitely worth a look.

Interesting to chat about the amount of data being produced in the HRI and I suggested that they have a chat with CiCS to see how we can help. Our new central filestore allows us to make data storage available to research groups which is secure, backed up and protected by our disaster recovery processes. We have to make a small charge, but it's less than the cost of buying and maintaining servers.

I'm off to Seattle in the morning to the EDUCAUSE conference - still trying to work out how I'm going to get everything in one suitcase, and still leave enough room for all the cheap clothes I intend bringing back!

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Neil said...

yes, they have a fantastic web site, designed by an incredibly talented person. I am not biased at all ;)